Effective Teams

Oh there is so much to write about the things that you can do to develop effective teams. A first step is to check that the business still require a team for this particular activity or task.  If it doesn’t it’s time to stop the team.  If it does, what stage of team development – and what can you do as a leader to facilitate moving the team to becoming highly productive.  What’s the internal communication of the team like? Supportive, or antagonistic?  Are individual differences within a team a source of frustration (he’s so frustrating, he never thinks through the detail) or does the team thrive on some of these differences (she’s so much better at following up than I am).

Personal Development

A team is made up of individuals.  Each of whom has different needs and drives.  I specialise in working with individuals and teams to evolve into becoming the “best” that they can be.

From stressing to thriving

Stress can have a big effect in the workplace.  I’ve blogged on work related stress.  Whilst many “stress management” programmes focus on “reducing stress”, I focus more on programmes that enable an individual to THRIVE.  When an individual thrives, it’s likely that the team will become more productive, and as a by-product the business will become more profitable.

My book, Great Days At Work, (available both on and and in Kindle format) describes what an individual (employee) needs to do in the workplace to thrive.  Raise Your Game (my first book) is more focused on the development of a leader – although the feedback for the book suggests it’s useful for all!

I have several presentations posted on SlideShare, including:

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