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Suzanne Hazelton customises workshop / keynote content to meet your outcomes

Suzanne Hazelton is a UK based author, trainer and speaker.  Although based in the UK, but has delivered engagements in South Africa, Denmark, France, Germany, US.

I have a set of workshop topics that I am  routinely asked to present on, based on the content of my two books, Raise Your Game and Great Days at Work – however I do prefer to customise the workshop or speach for you and your audience.  This ensures it is appropriate, has relevant examples and provides value for your audience.  This is a piece of consultancy work that I wrap into the investment of the engagement.  Here are the typical sets of steps I go through:

  1. I like to meet with the client to understand your outcomes for the event, to understand the situation as it is now, and ideally what change in thinking / activity you would like to see as a result of the event
  2. Often it’s useful to speak with potential audience members to understand their perspective, the challenges that they face and so that I’ve got examples RELEVANT to your audience.  This has two main benefits:  firstly it  builds rapport with the audience so they can more easily hear and take on board the message, and it overcomes the “well that will never work in this industry / business” type of objection.
  3. I like to do some background research on the industry, and the challenges
  4. With this information I design the speech or workshop.  Typically about 50% of the workshop will be the expert content that I bring, 25% is based on specific client centered examples, and 25% is audience participation.
  5. It’s useful for me to discuss my speech / workshop with the sponsor – and co-ordinate with other speakers who may precede or follow me to ensure strong links, repetition of key points without repetition of specifics!
  6. I prepare visuals / handouts / performance aids as relevant
  7. Practice
  8. Delivery
  9. Follow-up – find out what else may be necessary, what reactions were, how well the objectives were met.

So if you’re looking for professional speakers UK, or further afield, please contact the office for an initial discussion as to how we can ensure your event is a stonking success.

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