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Personal thriving in all it’s guises is “my thing”.  I’ve coached, led, mentored and trained others.  I’ve been on my own personal journey of thriving, I’ve personally struggled with, and manhandled some of the approaches.   I’ve done so much reading on the subject, I’ve been on so many courses – I love this stuff.  The words “as happy as a pig in _____” come to mind.

However I recognise that for most of my clients this is not “their thing” whilst they might be interested in the results, they have “their thing” and are not too interested in the details of “my thing”; they want the condensed summary.  So I write.  I write, I summarise, I give a context, I might sometimes say the same thing in a different way knowing that it will appeal better in this new way so someone – and as a result will make a tangible difference to your business and life.  My aim is that you pick the title and find nuggets of information that you can use – IMMEDIATELY and to good effect.

Suzanne Hazelton – In the press

I’ve had a number of articles published in the press, from Marie Claire on-line, through to Ingenious Britain, Start Your Business (click for a full list of articles by Suzanne Hazelton in the press).

Suzanne Hazelton Blogs

I blog on a regular basis.  In addition to the blogs on this website, I have a personal blog – where I often publish thoughts on a topic (no-ones watching, right?). With a bit of refinement – the blogs make it onto this website (ok – this is work in progress!)

Suzanne Hazelton on Slideshare

I occasionally post content on SlideShare, and I’m developing a small collection of materials, including:

Suzanne Hazelton* on YouTube

I’ve also started a Suzanne Hazelton YouTube channel – there’ not much content up there yet, but sometimes it’s just easier to explain it to the camera than to write it – something about emphasis an nuance!  I’m not yet a professional in front of the camera – but it’s a skill I’m practicing.

*A long time ago I thought I’d use a descriptive name – subsequently I’ve been unable to change it!

Suzanne Hazelton – the author

You may be aware that I’ve written a couple of books, Raise Your Game, and Great Days at Work.  I’m also a contibuting author to a third book: Entrepreneurs Succeed With Us.

Free chapter on the importance of positive emotions (from Raise Your Game)

Free chapter on working with others (from Great Days at Work)

… I’m often asked if the books are available on Amazon, and yes, all three of them are and here are the links:

 Suzanne Hazelton – the speaker

If your business is interested in improving productivity, I can provide consultancy and speaking.  I work closely with the leaders in the business to ensure that the speaking topic has the desired impact – of course I need to know what the desired impact is.

I’ve posted a bit more information, including some testimonials about events I’ve spoken at – but it’s really not the same as a conversation with me!  Suzanne Hazelton – the speaker

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